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Please refer to the Nigerian Marketing Awards® 2023 Entry Guidelines for the relevant specific information, category descriptions and entry criteria details.

Images & Supporting Documents

Please insert your supporting documents within this Submission document and upload them (in high-resolution) separately on the online submission page. If your entry is shortlisted, these images and any non-confidential supporting documents may be used for publication. Please be sure to indicate which of your documents are confidential.

In your online submission, you must include a high-resolution brand/company logo and campaign / programme image that can be used on all marketing material.


Please upload any video you are sending


Once you are ready to submit, please save the file into a .pdf version before uploading.

Any specific information or content meant for judging purposes only and confidential must be clearly indicated in red text and accordingly will not be disseminated beyond the Awards Decision in any way.

For any other enquiries, please contact:

Lota  Muonekeh – Project Manager
Phone: +234 915 072 9593

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