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About Nigerian Marketing Awards®

To be the biggest and most credible Marketing Awards in Nigeria

The Nigerian Marketing Awards® is Nigeria’s definitive marketing awards designed to recognise and reward outstanding achievements across the entire marketing industry. This year will be the second edition. There will be 27 award categories available for entry and covering diverse marketing areas. All entries in the various categories whether as brands, organisations or individuals will be vying for the single winning in each category. The highest award will be the “Marketing Company of the Year”.

All entries except those designated for public voting will be judged by an independent Council of industry experts, leaders, and senior marketers. Potential concerns of conflict of interests are addressed by ensuring that judges under any circumstances do not assess and evaluate their own works or works of related persons or organisations. They are also precluded from evaluating the work of their competitors.

There are no restrictions on the number of categories an individual or organisation can enter. So, please look at the categories and decide the most suitable for you.

To be eligible for entry, the work must have been carried out in Nigeria within the last 12 months preceding the date entries open. It will therefore be a celebration of the very best of marketing in Nigeria.

By taking part in the Nigerian Marketing Awards® 2023, you stand to:

  • Increase credibility, gain industry and country-wide recognition for your marketing activities, your teams, and your organisations
  • Showcase the best of your works, innovations, and achievements to the expert industry judges
  • Receive very wide coverage across conventional and social media, before, during and after the awards
  • Celebrate your successes across the whole organisation and the project teams
  • Boost your team motivation, morale, and reward for great work

We look forward to receiving your entries and then seeing you at the glamorous awards.

Why you should enter the Nigerian Marketing Awards®

Nigerian Marketing Awards® is the ultimate accolade. With it comes national recognition, new clients and new talents, nationwide marketing opportunities and of course, it is a time to celebrate the people who are transforming marketing in Nigeria.


We plan our awards to be the most ethical and transparent marketing awards organized in Nigeria. One big reason we will be working with very credible industry experts and industry players. By design, members of the Awards Decision Council will be precluded from entering the awards themselves. Where a Council member has any interest in any of the entries, this must be declared, and the Council member will not be involved in the specific evaluation of that category.


We have worked hard to ensure international accreditation and recognition for Nigerian Marketing Awards® right from the very first edition. This allows for the first time a Nigerian marketing awards to be recognised internationally and featured in the list of marketing awards by the global marketing community. We are therefore happy to have received the Awards Trust Mark accreditation from the UK based The Independent Awards Standards Council.

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